About us

Dwaine Dyke, owner

Dwaine Dyke, Owner, is a fully Licensed HVAC Refrigeration Technician, with Gas Fitter 1 certification. He has been working in the industry for 15 years. Dwaine is called in to service issues that other service providers cannot diagnose. He is known to ‘put out the fires’, and always welcomes a good challenge!

Dwaine started Polair Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd in 2013. He saw the need for customer education, offering a higher level of customer service. His priority is to provide clients with the best possible solution, explaining their needs in an understandable way. As an owner of a growth-mode company, his main goal is loyalty and commitment to every client. Polair employs a managed growth strategy through referrals, and all clients are valued equally. Dwaine strives to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, so your business continues to run un-interrupted, problems are resolved and projects are successfully completed.